Inner Mask Oracle - Meanings Manual

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Inner Mask Oracle - Meanings Manual

Kat Crow

OFFICIAL Manual of Meanings for the Inner Mask Oracle Deck!

Contains the complete explanations and narratives behind all the art in the Inner Mask Oracle Deck. This edition of the book was finally completed in spring 2022, after a lengthy process of revising the fictional underpinnings of the story of the Inner Mask, and cleaning up the previous editions of the book.

This book took years to fully complete in its final form, starting out as a book of notes about the art collected starting in 2005.

This version of the book is 4.2 and aligns with version 4.2 of the deck, currently available on TheGameCrafter. Updates to 4.2 include: name changes 5th Mask "Companion" to "Conviction," 3rd Mirror "Reflection" to "The Surface," and 10th Shadow "Surfaces" to "The Body." Also corrected spelling on 7th Veil.



196 Pages!

Edited and Re-Uploaded March 2022

All content copyright Kathleen Kralowec (Kat Crow) 2018-2022

I want this!

196-page Manual of Meanings for the Inner Mask Oracle www.theinnermask.com

196 pages
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