Electricity is Her Element

Kat Crow
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Four dragons from Jupiter convene on the moon Io, outraged at the decline of Chaos in the universe. Together, they plot the return of Chaos to its former glory, when this solar system was a spinning disk of dust.

40 pages, art created almost entirely using markers. 

Review from Donathin's Monthly Comic Spotlight

“Wow. One of the amazing things about Tapastic is that sometimes a story comes along that is truly inspired, and pushes the boundaries of what we expect comic books to be. Electricity is Her Element reads like a cosmic tale of Greek Mythology, inventing a new story to explain why the universe is the way it is... the story is so incredibly stylish and confident that it could stand as the basis for a new religion. The potential of the story is so great that it could be timeless, immortal ... if enough people read it. The art is one-of-a-kind, the voices of the personified elements are specific and engaging, and the lettering is almost art by itself. I come from a family with a strong connection to its Native American heritage, and what I love most about this story is how reminiscent it is of the stories ancient cultures would tell around a bonfire. At the same time, there is an inherent sci-fi element to this comic that makes it distinctly modern... Electricity is Her Element is a treasure."

-Donathin Frye

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    44 pages
  • Size390 MB
  • Length44 pages


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Electricity is Her Element

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